Special Drive

The special drive is a lie that allows personas and stories to cross all of known space in convenient amounts of time. A short time in hyper space is a long distance in physical space. A special drive is special, but may be common in travel based games. Special drives have lots of different names but all require the unholy interweaving of cyber and think space to manage their plot saving impacts.

Bloater Special Drive

A bloater drive expands the ship and its contents by increasing the space between its molecules. The expansion continues until entire planets, stars, and galaxies can pass between the ship’s molecules. This bloating continues until the destination point is near the ship’s hull. The ship then begins to deflate around its new destination point, arriving instantly without moving.

FTL Special Drive

Faster than light travel plays havoc with many paradoxes. FTL travel is a convenient way to get from point A to point B and advance the story.

Hyper Special Drive

Also known as jump drives. Anything hyper does more than anything else in the same amount of time. So the hyper drive covers light years faster than a non-hyper drive would.

Psi-Flip Special Drive

The psi-flip transports the ship to the location thought of by the navigator. This drive requires a most precise mental image and corrects the reality so that the idea of the new location becomes true. Once the psionic navigator has convinced her mind that she is somewhere else, the psi-flip drive corrects reality. Psi-flip is known as a mind flip drive or a flip drive. To navigate a psi-flip special drive requires 18 MND or a specially mutated persona. Robots cannot operate a psi-flip special drive.

Time-Slip Special Drive

Another one of the mystically bizarre space travel devices is the time slip. This drive system drops its payload into time limbo (likely hyperspace). While in hyperspace, the drive scans through moments in the past/future until it finds a moment better aligned for its travel purposes. The drive then re-enters the original space-time but at its desired location.

Transmat Special Drive

The transmat drive exploits electron probability to cover plot improving distances. At some point, some electron of the ship will be near the location where they want to be. Once this occurs, it is just a matter of reorienting the ship’s molecular parts with the vagrant orbital electron particle. A transmat is also known as a probability drive.

Warp Special Drive

Warp drives operate under the premise that space can fold up, bringing stars much closer together. Once space-time is folded, the space vehicle passes through the base of the fold. This distance travelled is short, but the distance covered is enormous. Warp drives are also called origami or laundry drives.