Outer Space

None of the families in EXP can survive out of an atmosphere unless they are specifically hardened to being exatmo. If the milieu is one of space travel the following portmanteaus.

Pick one to live

  • Examto – exterior to atmosphere
  • Inatmo – in the atmosphere

Nomenclature of Space Vehicles

EXP has its own language for differentiating vehicle types. The primary separation is planetary versus extra planetary. Planetary vehicles are mundane Terra ones like cars, trucks and planes. Inatmo vehicle is another term for a planetary vehicle because they are constrained to being “in the atmosphere.” Extra planetary vehicles are the staple of sciency fiction and are capable of traversing the stars. Exatmo vehicle is another term for an extra planetary vehicle are because they can function “exterior to the atmosphere.” Exatmo vehicles have a host of different identifiers based on what they can do in outer space.

TypeExatmo DriveInatmo DriveSpecial Drive
TypeExatmo DriveInatmo DriveSpecial Drive